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Deadly Google Ads Mistakes That’ll Make You Broke and How to avoid them

Since internet has become ubiquitous, the pattern of marketing has changed drastically. Google ads are an efficient way of marketing on the internet. It provides multiple options to target your audience. Google Ads also lets the relatively small businesses compete against the business giants thus, breaking the chain of hierarchy.

Setting up Google Ad can be a game-changer for your business. With the right strategy adopted, you can easily get a killer ad that increases your revenue generation by manifolds. But the wrong strategy will drain your money. Australian Internet Advertising is a Sydney-based Google AdWords agency that provides AdWords services to its clients.

With their expert service backed with extensive experience, your ads extract the maximum ROI and conversions.

Common Mistakes While Making Google Ads- 

1- Not applying the precise keywords– Google Ads boils down to one factor i.e., your choice of keywords. A wrong choice of keywords can derail your whole advertising strategy by not bringing the right crowd. If you adopt keywords with less search volume, your ads will reach a very limited number of people and thus will generate little or no ROI.

The right keyword increases your Quality Score and organic traffic. Thus, you must dedicate maximum time to figure out the right keywords for your ads. Understanding the different types of queries that your targeted audience might use is the right approach.

2- Ineffective Targeting– When you assume wrong or weak targeting strategy, your ads invite an audience that is unlikely to give you leads and conversions. Since in PPC, you will be paying for every click from your pocket, this faulty strategy of bringing a useless crowd is bound to drain your resources.

This can be corrected by laying down the correct understanding of your targeted audience. You must take into consideration, various factors like age, gender, area of interest, etc. You must understand your potential purchaser more likely to search on the internet.

3- Missing Ad Extensions and Low-Quality Ads- Non-existing or fewer extensions have an impact on your ads taking less screen space. An ad that is small can be easily forgotten and, in some cases, your ad can be left unseen. The whole purpose of marketing is to leave a print in the minds of the users which helps you generate ROI.

This goal can be achieved by extracting the maximum juice of the Ad. Your Ad must-have information like your business location, contact details, websites, reviews, etc. This not only increases your visibility. It also adds relevance to your business and this has a positive effect on your business.

4- Limited variety of Ads- In internet marketing, the key to success is experimenting. You must always be changing the ads so that you may know which ad caters to the needs and wants of the consumers. When you limit the Ads variety to one, you curtail all the opportunities of testing your strategy.

Thus, the marketers must create a large variety of ads. Once you start testing out your ads, you can easily filter out the low-performance ads. All your ads must be laser-focused on the targeted audience.

5- Not Using Negative Keywords– Google search generates a huge number of keywords on a daily basis. It’s obvious that only a few of these keywords are going to benefit your revenue generation. The rest of the keywords just add to the burden of your advertising strategy.

By negative keywords, you can easily exclude those keywords you do not want to target. This lowers the cost of your advertising and at the same time amplifies your revenue generation.

6- Not Bidding Your Brand- in order to amplify the conversion rate, it is imperative that you bid on your own brand. Customers usually spend more on brands that provide positive customer service. Thus, delivering a service that makes the customer happy and taking reviews to form the customers is a healthy approach for high ROI.

7- Ignoring the Optimal Ad Position- it is a popularly misconceived notion that ranking at the top of SERP generates maximum revenue. More often than not, the ad ranking at the top generates a large number of clicks but fewer conversions because it is the tendency of humans to check out things before buying them.

It works perfectly fine if your ad is placed at 3-5 rank. At this position, there is a higher chance of a click transforming into conversion.


Setting up Google ads is an intricate and nuanced process. With the right strategy involved, your ROI can skyrocket. But a wrong strategy can run you dry, thus your Google ads must be backed with solid research and evidence.

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