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What Are the Top Eco-Friendly Promotional Products Available in The Market

To keep the environment safe and livable is the duty of each and every human being.  Along with making efforts to preserve the environment, a business could use eco-friendly promotional products to benefit their marketing attempt.

In place of relying heavily on cheap and stingy products that harm the environment, use of eco-friendly products assures that your marketing strategies aid the Earth. There are various such promotional products available in the market. Getting good knowledge about them will help in making the desired progress in your business.

One of the most sought-after ranges of branded merchandise is eco-friendly and sustainable products. Everyone is trying to be more environmentally-friendly, with climate change and single-use plastics being hot topics. There are a variety of eco-friendly products that are sustainable, recyclable and kind to the planet.

Wine and Beer Bags

In an unofficial get together with friends, peers or family, wine and beer bags would be the perfect way to serve wine, beer, liquor, cider, kombucha and fizzy sodas. You would find a large collection of alluring wine and beer bags, that would act as the perfect gift, sale item or value-added perk.

Small Totes

Totes are ideal for places that require handling of low weight products. Tradeshows, exhibitions, industry event are some of the places where you will find a small sized reusable tote bag to be appropriate. These totes are perfect to hold pamphlets, and papers at conventions, jewelry or clothes at boutiques, or mini food items packet at a grocery store.

Custom Earth Promos is one of the trusted companies that offer reusable insulated backpacks and Full Color Printed Bags at Wholesale Prices that are made from superior quality recycled materials. These environment friendly wholesale shopping bags give comfort and convenience to users for a longer time.

PET Bags

The trend of using these beneficial shopping bags will continue to be extensively used worldwide. PET Bag are recycled form of Poly Terephtalate bags that can be found in four color silk screen. It is made using 80 percent of recycled water bottles.

You may get it in matte or gloss lamination with twenty inches laminated handles. This will offer maximized comfort to the user. You can use these bags at conventions, trade shows or as a means to show your gratitude towards those who truly matter in your life.

Cotton Toiletry Bags

Cotton is a biodegradable and renewable resource. Both these attributes make it a great choice for marketing of products of different kinds. They are most suited as a storage bag while traveling. You can put art items, and snacks in this efficient promo product.


Cooler is best to be taken on fishing trips, picnics, hiking etc. It eliminates the need of a refrigerator or an AC and keep your beverages and food chilly throughout a long hot day. Coolers are a great means for promotion of a business. It serves as a great canvas for imprinting store name, logo, mission statement and several other things on it.

Other ecofriendly options that you must try for business promotion:

  • Storable Pouch Bags
  • Reclaimed Cork Pet Mats
  • Luggage tags
  • Business card holder
  • Kitchen accessories such as bamboo cutting boards, custom bag clips
  • Biodegradable clothing


There are several options to use reusable items made from renewable resources for marketing of your business. Eco-friendly bags, office stationery items, awards, and clothing, not just support the go-green movement but also impresses customers and clients and generate crucial brand impressions.

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